March 29, 2011


Tragedy has hit the Laudie home.

We ran out of easy cheese this morning. Yes I may have been trying to bribe Shayla to be in a decent mood with it. We got through a few crackers, and then it ran out. You should have seen the tears when I told her it was "all gone". You would think a puppy had died. Remember the last time I bribed her with easy cheese? here. It was a last ditch effort this morning. She hasn't had it in MONTHS. But she giggled when I took it down from the cupboard.

Thanks Uncle Joe for the gift that brought so much joy to one little girls life. Now the dilemma is whether or not to replace it....

March 28, 2011

Baby for Sale!!

Not really. I think I could get arrested for something like that. I thought I had 4 more months before terrible two's were supposed to hit. Good night. This is a little picture of our day:

7am wake up call from Shayla an hour before she normally wakes up.
7:15 Mommy walks down the stairs to do her morning workout and Shayla freaks out as I leave to go to the gym. (Normally I'm back before she wakes up and I get to shower while Jon feeds her)
8:30 Daddy leaves for works. Many tears were shed.
8:35 Shayla screams as I do her hair because she wants the bow in her hair NOW!!!!
8:45 Shayla is pounding at the door and handing me her shoes. Mommy ushers her onto the back patio so that she can get some makeup on.
9:10 We go to the grocery store and all is well as long as she can alternately push the cart and ride on the handles of the cart while we run a quick errand
9:30 Tantrum when being put into car seat to go home
10:00 We arrive at the park for a play date. An hour of not too bad tantrums. A few tears when she had to share her sand toys, and when the slide was too fast and she landed on her bum.
11:15 we arrive home and eat lunch, watch Caillou and get ready for a nap at 12:30
12:30-3 Mommy gets a break
3:00 CUDDLE TIME!(best time of the day)
3:30 Snack time
4:00 Mommy proposes a walk. Shayla decides we should stay home and play on the backporch. Frustration when getting in and out of the toy car. BUBBLES!!! We love bubbles. Mommy teaches her how to use the bubble gun.
5:00 Shay dumps two boxes of crackers on the kitchen floor. Mommy shuts the treat cupboard and there are lots of tears. I guess it's a lot of fun to dump crackers on the floor.
5:15 Dinner. Shayla dumps a bowl of soup on Mommy's pants. Great. I guess it's a lot of fun to dump anything on the floor. Tantrum when Mommy goes upstairs to change said pants.
Tantrum when Mommy scrubs the carpet to get said soup out of it.
I ask Shayla if watching Caillou would make her happy. Her response? "Yeah" through tears. Priceless.
6:00 After reading books and playing with puzzles and eating pudding I insist it is time for her bath. I carry a kicking and screaming child up the stairs and think, "Heaven help us, here come the terrible twos"
6:20 Shayla gets upset when lotion is used. Oh the humanity! Mommy thinks,"Birth control is a wonderful thing" the other thought that went through my head? "No wonder people think about getting pregnant when they have a 12-18 month old. They haven't dealt with this yet."
We read books, pray and Shayla is in bed by 6:30.

Here is to days like this being few and far between. I know what most of you are thinking. Is she talking about Shayla? Easy going, mild mannered Shayla? Carrie must just be in a bad mood.  There must be more to the story. I kid you not she has never had this many tantrums in one day. I was contemplating putting an ad on craigslist. It would read something like this:
2 year old for sale or trade. Complete with tantrums and tears. Addicted to Caillou. Demands lots of time outside.
Ah the joys of motherhood. Most of my day looked something like this

And possibly this as well. Man alive I love that girl. I'm glad it's bed time now though. We'll try again tomorrow!

March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning

What do the Laudies do when we have a free Saturday and it's raining cats and dogs outside? We declutter. Maybe I have spring fever. Maybe all of the stuff we have in our house finally drove me to my breaking point. Whatever the reason, Jon and I went through gobs and gobs of things and made a big trip to the Goodwill. (Jon still calls it D.I. sometimes, we don't have those out here)

After we finished, I thought I should have taken before and after photos of our apartment. But I didn't. I now know where everything is in our apartment. It's organized. Shayla has a closet again! We rearranged our furniture and our tiny little townhome feels so much bigger now. I feel like we finally moved in (8 months later)! Now I just need to finish decorating to my hearts content and maybe even color coordinate my closet. Who knows. I'm feeling ambitious.

Shayla wasn't a big fan of the days activity and let us know MULTIPLE times that we should be doing something else. Like reading books or working on puzzles. While she is right that we should work on those, there is also something to be said for digging into a tough project and getting it done.

It felt really good to be so productive. Especially after having slept in until 10 in the morning. I felt like a teenager again. I think I slept for 11 hours that night. Jon was an angel and woke up with Shayla and let me sleep. I haven't been sleeping well for the last couple of nights and it felt so good to catch back up. I was a bit of a walking zombie Thursday and Friday.

The sun has come out, literally, and this next week Shayla and I can get back into our regular routine of playing with friends and spending as much time outside as we can. Have we told you how much we love the weather here? As my friend Sara says, "We pay for it in rent, though." And that is a true statement if I ever heard one. We really love it here. And now I have an organized house to boot! I was going to say clean, but then I looked over at the kitchen and realized I didn't want to lie on the Sabbath.

March 24, 2011

Laudies Bleed Blue

It's true. Although I have my no sweet rule during the week, I decided that due to BYU's loss against Florida today I would make these low fat chocolate chip cookies. You can go to the link here. They are surprisingly pretty good, and only a portion of the calories. This blog has a lot of really great low fat/calorie options for comfort food. (Thanks Lindsey for tipping us off!)

It was a rough game. Shayla looked at me like I was crazy when I started screaming as we were sent into Overtime. Then she went to bed and in her prayers we prayed that the Cougars would play well (read win). I guess it's our fault for their loss. We shouldn't have prayed for something so frivolous.

We are having a sad night in the Laudie home (I'm sure all Laudie homes are feeling this loss) But it was nice to have these cookies to indulge in and not feel (super) guilty about the indulgence. Especially since I've been sick this week and have only made it to the gym once.

It was a great season, and we are all excited to see what Jimmer does in the future! Where ever he ends up he will always be fun to watch!

Dear Cougars and Jimmer

The Laudie Family is nervous for you tonight. In fact we are nervous for all cougar fans right now. We watch you religiously and are decked out in our BYU gear. We look good in blue. If you make it to the final four Jon is definitely going to watch the game and catch Priesthood session on the internet. You are the only thing that could persuade him to do that. I've given my blessing because this is one of the biggest things to happen in BYU sports in 30 years, possibly ever.

We've taught our 18 month old what a cougar says and she growls at the TV for you while you play. We've even gone the extra mile and named her stuffed animal cougar "Jimmer".

Oh and, by the way, Jon has to miss the game tonight so if you could make sure to win so that he can watch another game on Saturday that would be great!


March 18, 2011

Californian=Vegetarian (Well Almost)

Many of you know that I have struggled losing the weight I gained during my pregnancy with Shayla. Granted I wasn't able to exercise for a few months thanks to my allergic reaction to some medicine last year. You can read about that experience in this post My Doctor Adventures. Well a year later I decided to get serious with this whole weight loss thing since I didn't feel good about myself at the size that I was and started to work out on a regular basis.

I'm now running 3 times a week. I run about two miles each time. This happens to be fairly impressive since when I first started running in January I couldn't run a quarter of a mile without dying.

This isn't what I wanted to talk about in this post though. Another phenomenon has occurred since we moved to California, the longer I live here the more vegetarian I go. It started with a diet change to try and help aid my weight loss goals. I started eating a piece of fresh fruit before every meal, at dinner time I eat two cups of salad and it has helped me to cut back on calories while still feeling full.

Then I decided to stop eating chocolate and sweets throughout the week, with one indulgence day. Saturday. Last Saturday was my first indulgence day. Jon and I went out on a date and he decided that he wanted us to indulge in something greasy. So we stopped at Burger King and ordered a few things off their value menu. I ate a few bites and couldn't eat any more. Sunday I was nauseous most of the day. The only thing I really ate was a bowl of cereal that night.

It got me to thinking, if my body went into shock after a few bites of that food what was it doing to me? And how was I eating before that made it where I could eat this stuff without it phasing me? It made me not want to have an indulgence day... Well until I made it through all of this week without eating any sweets. I don't think I'll be losing my sweet tooth any time soon, even if I did lose the ability to handle fast food. It has been an interesting experience.

I didn't realize how much weight I really have lost in the last few months until I saw a picture that was taken of me this summer and compared it to our family pictures taken last week. The difference is noticeable and gave me renewed energy to keep going with my exercise regimen. I plan on beefing it up by doing weights a few times a week and riding a bike as well. Who knew I would turn into a gym rat?

March 14, 2011

Favorite Pictures (At least some of them...)

This last Saturday we had a family photo shoot. A lot of the picture turned out really great. Especially the ones of Shayla. It's been really hard picking our favorites. Every time I see this one though I smile!

Maybe it's because these are my two favorite people.

Jon did forgive me that I scheduled the photo shoot during the Mountain West Basketball tournament. On Friday night he was trying to figure out a way to get down to the final before it started at 4:00. After looking at all of the options we decided it wasn't practical to drive 8 hours, or pay $400 for plane tickets, And that we would rather go on other vacations. So instead we watched the game here with some good friends. Now for some of my Shayla favorites...

I'm sure you can see why I think this girl is so cute. These are just a few of the ones that I loved of her. 

A picture of me and my love. I think our photo shoot was well worth it. We have so many great pictures and I have so many ideas of what to do with them around the house.

And last but not least a picture of all of us together. There are a few of the family pictures that I really loved. My favorite one has Jon holding a bib in it though... darn bib.

March 11, 2011

Finger Painting!!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with one of Shayla's favorite friends, Kate. They are really cute together and light up when they see each other. (They also find it hilarious to shriek at the top of their lungs at each other. Not one of  mine and Sara's favorite things.)

I love these pictures of her. We went over to Kate's and her Mom is a cool Mom and lets her child do fun things like this. I tend to get a little discouraged by messy things like this. I have a hard enough time keeping the house clean without these projects! But I think I should make more of an effort. Sometimes I feel like I impede Shay's development because it's easier or cleaner if I do something.

We now have Shayla's art work on our fridge. She loved it! Although she was a little freaked out by the fact that she had paint all over her fingers! I think I will break down and let her do this. I let her play with play-do and bubble sometimes... does that count. One day I'll be a cool Mom.

March 2, 2011

Just What The Doctor Ordered

This weekend we had a little weekend getaway. We took the opportunity to drive to Fresno and go to one of my cousins wedding receptions. We weren't able to make it to the wedding in Utah so we made a point to go to this part of the celebration at least.

We booked a hotel room and really enjoyed ourselves. We called ahead to make sure we could check in early to watch the big BYU game. Jon was very happy to watch that game! (Don't ask me what he thought of todays game.) The game was during Shayla's nap time so we put her to bed in the bathroom. (Oh the things we parents do to our children.)

We saw my Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy. We also saw my cousin Alex and were able to congratulate him and his new wife Amy. Shayla even showed me how big she is getting by letting my Uncle Steve walk off with her and show her some of the pretty lights. My baby used to be so shy!

The next day we took Shayla to the zoo. She loved it. She is definitely her Daddy's girl! Her favorite animals were the sea lions. Every time they barked she would laugh back at them. You could tell that she thought they were communicating with each other. It was a good thing we had a firm grip on her or I think she may have jumped in the pool with the sea lions!

Shayla was a champ on the car ride. We plugged her in to the portable DVD player and I think she was a little sad when we were done driving and she had to stop watching her cartoons. We had a great weekend. It was promptly followed by Jon pulling a late night the next night to work on the beast of a project he's on.

He did that so that I could go to our Relief Society Activity on Tuesday night. I'm on the committee and we were all in charge of bringing a chocolate treat. I decided to make chocolate truffles. (You know the super easy kind that you make with oreos but looks really impressive?) They were a big hit and my favorite comment of the night was a sweet sister who asked me if I had culinary training. It pretty much made my year.

The best part was that my friend Sara was laughing behind me because we had just finished talking about how deceptively easy they were to make. I said thank you and didn't have the heart to tell her that just about anyone could make them. No training required. Oh well, it made me feel good at least. Jon was sad that there weren't more left over. I left a healthy amount of them home for us to enjoy though. But we are trying to lose weight so I tried not to leave too many. (They may be gone now after the BYU game tonight though... You didn't hear it from me.)