June 27, 2011

In Happier News

Yesterday we asked Shayla if she wanted to go to nursery after sacrament meeting. She grabbed my hand, yelled "YAY!!!" at the top of her lungs and ran full force to her nursery room.

 Then she gave us a kiss when we left. This child turned from being the most difficult child in her nursery class to the easiest. What a relief!

June 26, 2011

It's Ok, I Don't Have To.

That is what Lola said to me tonight when I said that she was leaving us. "It's ok, I don't have to."

That was also the point where her Mom and I lost it. I hope that none of my other friends get offended but tonight I am feeling sad. The first friend I met here is moving to Michigan. It hasn't helped that Shayla has woken up asking for "Wowa" the last few days. It may have something to do with the fact that we spent every waking moment with them the last week. Yes that's even more than usual. How do you explain to a 2 year old that one of her best friends and her second Mom are gone.(Shay calls her Mom-mom) They no longer live 2 doors down. If you go and knock someone else will open the door.

Carrie is the reason I didn't jump on a plane back to Utah the first day I arrived in California. We've laughed since that day about how she chased me down in the parking lot and "made" me be her friend. What a blessing it has been for both of us. You can even read that story here. Carrie is the reason Shayla still has a front tooth. She has been my pediatrician on call for the last year. She and I have been each others listening ears and been able to give each other advice and sympathy. We've walked to the park with each other multiple times a week for the last year. We've made countless memories and the loss of their presence will definitely be felt for a long time.

I think the saddest part of their leaving for me is that they aren't family. We have no reason to go to Michigan and they have no reason to come here. There isn't the expectation that we will see each other on a regular basis. No family reunions, Christmas or Thanksgiving where we will meet up. We have plans to go and see them, and they've talked about coming back out here. But there are no guarantees.

So tonight I'm crying as I say goodbye to them. If only they "didn't have to".

June 21, 2011

This Is How We Do It

It's been so hot here lately that sometime I will strip down Shayla to her diaper and let her run around the house like this. On Fathers Day this is what Daddy daughter time looks like...

They are sharing jelly beans. Best. Activity. Ever.

This little girl loves her Daddy and she loves sharing his treats with him. Jon does such a great job loving us. Happy Fathers Day to him! (I may or may not have forgotten it was Fathers Day until we got to church... oops!)

June 20, 2011


We were quite daring this weekend and took Shay on her first camping trip. She was a doll the whole time, and a real trooper. She loved sleeping outside in a tent and even cried when we took it down the next day. I think if she were to have her way we would always just camp.

 She was really good and didn't wander off or get into anything she shouldn't have. She loved watching the fire at night and I knew it was time for her to go to bed when I asked her if it was time for ni-night, and she said "Yeah". This was at 10:30 mind you!

Although she did try to convince me that she needed to sleep in a sleeping bag instead of her portacrib... That didn't go over very well and into the portacrib she went!

Shayla played with Grant (I'm pretty sure their getting married in 20 years!) and would ask for "More" Grant. He also would ask for "Shaysha" They found that it was a lot of fun to ride logs like horses and Grant would tromp through the fields with Shayla tagging along behind him.  Mimicking how he walked and what he did. The sad part of our story is that the couple who planned this trip for us, Jamie and Brandon, weren't able to stay and enjoy it. Jamie and I were super cool and set up the tents before any of the men made it to camp. But what we didn't notice was that there were leaves of three all over our camp. (What appeared to be poison oak) So they left late that night to try and avoid any side effects from that and we stayed with the Fosters. The Smiths were even nice enough to leave all their food for us to enjoy!

It wasn't until later that night that we were finally able to locate a ranger who let us know that those plants were actually California Blackberry Bushes. Too late for the Smiths to enjoy their camping trip though. So here's a little rhyme for all of you out there when you go camping.

Leaves of three let them be, But if it's hairy it's just a berry.

Hairy can also mean thorns.

The next day we went Berry picking! Isn't that a great hat! Thanks to Kate for letting me borrow it!

We picked ollallieberrys and boysenberries. The Best part was that you could eat berries as you picked. It was delicious and so fun! We picked enough to enjoy on our trip back. Shayla loved looking for the berries and even ventured to try a few. She and Grant would squeal each time they saw each other, through a fence or otherwise. We had such a blast I can't even tell you.

We live in such a beautiful area with so many fun things to do. I was a little worried about Shay around the berries because there were thorns on the bushes, but she was very careful and we left without any casualties!

 This is what a little girl who has had too much fun looks like when driving home.
I think we will make this a more regular occurrence. I'm so glad she loved Camping!!

June 12, 2011


This is my 100th post!! Wow. It only took 2 1/2 years...

 That isn't really what this post is about. My post is about this girl...

Sorry the picture is so small. It was taken on a phone. I feel like every time I turn around she grows up a little bit more. Each day she communicates a little bit better. It's no longer just grunts and shrieks used to let me know what she wants.

Her very favorite thing to do is pick flowers. She regularly picks flowers at our apartment complex and goes to give them to people. We had a BBQ last weekend with some friends and she probably brought about 20 flowers to baby Genevieve, who was just 2 days old!

She LOVES babies! Real ones or fake ones. This little girl is going to be a really great big sister. (Not an announcement) She is really gentle with little babies and when I hold one she always comes up and enthusiastically yells "Hi!!" While waving in their face. She spent a little bit of time over at Jason and Carries house this last week and would make sure to go and push Genevieve's swing whenever it stopped. She is such a caring little girl.

 She is always coming up with new games. and new ways to play. One of her favorite things to do is put her stuffed animals and babies to bed. She'll have me lift both of them into bed and then will give them a binkie and cover them with a blanket. This is always followed by a "SHHH!" with her little finger to her mouth. Letting me know that they are asleep and I need to be quiet.

Her favorite time of day is bath time! She loves to splash and play with all of her toys. But her most favorite thing to do is try and sneak downstairs naked when Mom turns her back for a second before she is put in the tub. She giggles and laughs uncontrollably as I scramble to get that naked baby back in the bathroom.

Her tooth didn't turn gray!! Not only did it reattach but you would have no idea it had been traumatized at all. Everything I've read from unreliable internet sources says that if it doesn't turn gray in a month than you are in the clear. It was a month this last Friday! It's crazy to me that happened a month ago.

She loves to dance. Sometimes in circles and sometimes with Mom and sometimes she does a little special dance where she moves her head back and forth to the Caillou theme song. I almost want to turn Caillou on sometimes because it makes me smile to watch her.

Last but not least here is a picture of her and Kate. These two girls are cooky together. Whether they are throwing all of Shayla's stuffed animals down the stairs, or like in this picture Kate might be trying to ride Shay like a horse. Either way I definitely laugh whenever they are together. I think they will be partners in crime while we both live here. They speak very little but somehow they are able to egg each other on and cause trouble!

My favorite part of this stage is that not a day goes by that Shayla does something that makes me laugh and smile and love this little girl a lot more! Like today she randomly ran up to me and kissed me on the knee. Just another time when she let me know how much she loved me.

June 8, 2011

If You're Happy and You Know It

If Shayla had a favorite song it would have to be, "If you're happy and you know it". In fact she requests to sing it multiple times a day. The way she does this is by coming up to me and clapping her hands.

 Tonight she was having a hard time falling asleep. She seems to be coming down with something. No matter what I did it didn't seem to make her comfortable. Finally her moans and groans broke my heart and I tried to rock her to sleep.

 We had been upstairs for about a half hour rocking and she would pop her little head up every few minutes and look at me and try to get more comfortable. I would ask if she wanted to go to Shayla's bed and she would tell me "No" and we would continue to rock.

 Finally I tried to comfort her by singing, "I am a child of God", She popped up immediately and our conversation went something like this.

 Shay: "No"
Me: You don't want me to sing I am a child of God
Shay: No
 Me:Do you want me to sing another song?
 Shay: Uh-uh
          -then a few seconds passed as she thought and she clapped her little hands
 Me: No Shay we aren't going to sing "If you're happy and you know it" at bedtime.

 It took all my self control to not laugh at that little cooky girl. She took it well though and we cuddled for a bit longer before she went back in her bed and FINALLY fell asleep. It only took 3 hours....

June 7, 2011

A Very Merry Birthday Post

We've had a lot going on...

Jon's brothers are staying with us.

We went to Utah for a week

My neighbor had her baby

Lots of site seeing

 But most important it's Jon's BIRTHDAY! He's 26 today! I went to work with cupcakes so that everyone would know it was his birthday and hopefully he wouldn't have to work as hard today.

The best part of today though was when Shayla woke up this morning. We brought her into our room and she was cuddling with Jon. Suddenly she sat up, shoved her binkie in his mouth, handed him Mono (Her purple monkey she sleeps with), her sippie cup (Another thing she insists on sleeping with. Then looked at me and said "shhh". I guess Daddy still needed some sleep.

Not a day goes by that my little mini doesn't make me laugh and smile. I love seeing how she thinks.

 Sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera died and I haven't bothered recharging the batteries.