October 23, 2009

Daddy's girl

This picture needed it's own post because it's just so stinking cute. I walked into the kitchen the other day and Jon was working on the computer while Shayla was fast asleep on his shoulder with her finger in her mouth. I'm just glad she held this pose long enough to get the camera!
It seems like so many cute things happen but I always miss taking a picture because the camera is never where I need it!
Love them both so much!

My Big Girl

I can't believe how big she is getting! I sure love this little girl. She is a big Momma's girl.

Where does the time go?

Seriously? Where does it go? I seem to forget what day of the week it is. And don't even ask me the date. Sometimes Jon does... I usually laugh and hand him one of our cell phones. I have no need for it unless there is an appointment or birthday coming up.

Welcome to the world of Mom I guess.

Shayla is almost 3 months old now! Sleeping through the night too. I'm a much better Mom and Wife when I'm well rested.

I always think about posting on the blog I promise but then Shayla wakes up and I don't really worry too much about it. Plus there isn't that much to tell. My days all are about the same.

I wake up sometime between 7 and 8:30, feed the baby, shower and clean the house, feed the baby, run a quick errand, put Shayla down for a nap, feed the baby, run another quick errand, another nap, yet another feeding, make dinner, spend time with Jon and find time for a few more feedings somewhere in there.

Well now you know all the intimate details of my life...
Today I actually did go over and hang out with my sister-in-law. We raked leaves and let all the kiddo's jump in them. So fun to be outside in the autumn air and enjoy the sun. It was definitely a pleasant day. I think we're going to try and get together more often. There's just something to be said about having a conversation with an adult every once in awhile. It also makes me a better Mom.
I'll post some new pictures of our little pumpkin too. Sorry to those friends with us on facebook, some of these may be a repeat!

October 5, 2009

I'm a parent too.

Ok... Just to prove I am a parent here also, I will call for a change of the title to "You know you're a PARENT..."

1) I also discuss the consistency of my child's poop. Quite often sadly...

2) By the end of the day I always have spit-up or drool on my shirt.

3) You definitely sing more nursery songs than I do. You have me here.

4) I definitely know the difference between a warning cry and a hysterical cry. Look out cause she's about to get real mad!

5) I talk in baby talk, but only at home, so the edge goes to you again on this one.

6) Yeah, it's cute. You probably think it's cuter than I do, though...

7) Sleeping in means 7:30 on a good day for me...

8) I'd drive the get-away car.

9) Umm... no comment here. No pony-tails or makeup for me.

10) I know guys can lactate and all, but... this one goes to you.

So, 6 out of 10 apply to me also.

October 4, 2009

You Know You're a Mother When...

You know you're a mother when:

1. You discuss the color and consistency of your childs poop.

2. Having spit up or drool on your clothes is normal.

3. You sing nursery songs so much you could almost sing them backwards and in your sleep.

4. You know the difference between a warning cry and the hysterical cry and try to get as much done before the hysterical cry begins.

5. You find yourself talking in Baby Talk more than anything else.

6. You even find your babies cry adorable sometimes.
For me it's usually when she juts her lip out right before she starts to cry.

7. Sleeping in means 8am on a good day

8. You know that you would kill to protect your child.

9. Wet ponytails and no makeup is your most common style.

10. You dress for comfort and ease of feeding the baby. A lot of times that means Jon's t-shirts.

At first I was going to title this you know you're a parent when, but then I realized that Jon really can't claim a lot of these. There's something to say about being the Mom. I am the expert on my child. This is something that has been hard to learn. But even Jon has to ask for my advice on what is making her upset or what not. I know everything about her; from the freckle on her head to her little pinky toe.

P.S. I'm really excited because her hair is filling in. But I'm also really sad because she no longer fits in any of her newborn clothes. She has grown up so much in the last two months. It hurts my heart a little.

October 1, 2009

The Good Samaritan

Last night as I was making dinner I heard some ruckus going on in one of the other apartments or outside. At first I thought it was our neighbors dog barking but after a few minutes I realized it was a woman screaming. I looked out our window to see if it was just people horsing around. What I saw was some guy leaning into a car yelling at a woman as she was screaming for help.
I immediately grabbed my phone and walked outside.
I yelled to the woman and asked if she was okay. The guy turned around and glared at me and barked, "She's fine!"
Without thinking I said, "She can speak for herself, Are you okay?"
After I said this I thought, Oh crap. I'm gonna get beat up. The guy looked shocked and the woman asked for my help. Before I had time to do anything else he yelled some obscenity at me, threw something at the woman and slammed the car door shut and stomped off. I watched him walk away and he kept turning around to glare at me and yell things to me. When he was out of sight I walked down our stairs to check on the woman and helped her pick up her things that he had thrown on our lawn.
He started coming back toward us and she jumped in the car and locked the doors and drove off. He saw me again and stayed on the other side of the street yelling things at me. Again I thought, Oh crap.
But he kept walking. For some reason he was scared of me. Or Heavenly Father was protecting me. Maybe a little of both. I don't know what happened after that and I probably never will, but I feel good that I did the right thing in a scary situation.
I'm also grateful that my dad taught his girls never to be afraid of men. Or anyone for that matter.
What bothered me was that cars just kept driving by as this woman yelled for help. Is this what our society has turned into? To give them the benefit of the doubt maybe they didn't know what was happening, but I'm shocked that on a busier street I was the only one who stopped to assist someone in need. I hope I never get to a point where I am so wrapped up in my own life that I think I'm too busy to help someone out.
Okay I'm off my soap box now.