February 8, 2011

A Not So Perfect Day

We had such a wonderful weekend. Followed by Monday. I'm not too big of a fan of Jon's hours in general but it's becoming a little ridiculous. I was expecting Jon to come in a little late so I went to bed last night. I woke up at 4am and realized he still wasn't home. So I called to make sure I didn't need to send out a search party. He was ok and just finishing up the last bit of work he had. He got home at 4:30 and then I couldn't fall back asleep before Shay woke up at 6:30. Lucky me. Did I mention I'm sick? Oh yes I forgot to make this even more fun I'm currently sick.

This late night thing has been happening once a week for the last three weeks. The first time I thought, "Poor Jon" The second time I thought, "Are you serious?" And the third time I'm a little ticked. We knew that there would be occasional late nights, but by late I mean 11pm. not 4am. I'm frustrated because we didn't sign up for these hours. I'm frustrated because we won't be compensated for the extra unexpected work. I'm frustrated because, thanks to the sluggish economy, we won't even have a bonus to look forward to. I'm frustrated because Jon is the only one working these hours. Everyone else has been leaving at around 6pm. I'm frustrated because I don't feel well. I'm frustrated because after working until all hours of the night he has to go in at his regular time and doesn't come home early. He usually comes home around 7 after a night like that, or even possibly later. I'm frustrated for the stress it puts on Jon and the strain it puts on our family.

Basically I'm just frustrated tonight.

February 6, 2011

A Perfect Day

What is my idea of a perfect day? They tend to happen on Saturdays when Jon is actually home and we can have fun as a family. We started by running to the park that is about a mile from our house. I was able to run the whole way and could have kept going. This is a rather large feat for me since I have never been a runner and have never run a full mile without stopping in my life.

We played at the park for about an hour and then ran to the store that is halfway between our house and the park and picked up a few things we needed. After that we walked the rest of the way home to cool down from a workout.

After Shayla's nap we drove to the beach and enjoyed the sun a little bit more. We couldn't resist since it was a sunny 75 and just absolutely perfect. We played in the sand and built sandcastles and also ran through the surf splashing each other and laughing when the water went over Shayla's toes.

We found a little hole in the wall fish shack and had some delicious fish tacos and fish and chips. It was so delicious. (Did I mention it was delicious? because it was) Shayla kept saying, "Num num num". I haven't ever really been a fish person but I've been converted since moving here. It gives a new meaning to the phrase, "fresh fish" when they catch it and immediately cook it right in front of you.

Then we drove home and it was time for our baby's bed time. Oh how I love her. It was one of those days when nothing goes wrong and you just have a genuinely good and perfect day. I was with the two people I love the most and we were doing so many of the things we love to do.