October 31, 2010


First we got ready and went to church. The best part was when Shayla was so tired she couldn't sit up any longer. She was playing with some of the other little kids in the ward and she just was lying there. So a little boy named Brad came and started nuzzling her, and a little girl named Kate came up and laid down right on top of her. It was just a big cuddle fest. None of the parents sitting there could tell you what happened during the last 15 minutes of Elders Quorum/Relief Society because we were all laughing so hard!

Then after she finished her dinner we let Shayla enjoy some of her spoils from the night before.

Can you tell she's happy about it?

Then we got ready to go out trick or treating... Shayla helped herself to some of our candy a little early.
Such a cute little kittie. Her costume was a big hit!

Then her best friend Lola arrived to go trick or treating with us.

We had so much fun and Shayla insisted on carrying her pumpkin full of candy. She even remembered the drill from the night before and would go up and pick her own candy... sometimes she would help herself to more than one. She was so sad when we came home and I wouldn't let her eat any of the candy and she had to stop trick or treating. What a little trooper! I can't wait to go with her again next year!

I did go around in the hat... I left everything else at home though. One night of being all dressed up was enough for me. Especially after Jon looked at me and told me that I'm much prettier in real life. That was his way of complimenting me. Oh how I love my husband!

Picture of the week

Ok so this picture is a month old, but I love it. This is what we wake up to in the morning. Isn't she a doll?

October 30, 2010


We just got back from taking Shayla on her first trunk-or-treating experience. She loved it. At first she was pretty apprehensive and just wanted to be held in our arms, but the last half she actually walked up to people to grab candy. This is her type of holiday! Free Candy!

She loved seeing all the other kids running around. We were a little apprehensive about taking her, thinking that she would just be a big pill and cower in our shoulders. She surprised us and was a big cutie. She would walk up and take a piece of candy and then try and turn to put it in her plastic pumpkin she was carrying, but it was so heavy with candy that it would turn with her. Hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

Everyone went all out with it, lots of decorations and music and candy. Any kids dream come true! The ward did a really great job of making it festive. After the trunk or treat was over everyone went inside for pizza. We had to bounce right after that to put Shayla to bed but it looked like it was going to be a Halloween extravaganza! Maybe next year we can stay for longer.

We went as a Witch (Carrie), a broomstick (Jon) and a little black cat (Shayla). Yes we were a themed family. That's right. Tomorrow we're going trick or treating with some friends and Shayla will still be a black cat but I'm going to leave the wig and outfit at home.

October 24, 2010

I love going on dates with my husband. It happens far to infrequently, especially since moving to California where we didn't know anyone to watch Shay for us.

Last night some of our friends watched her for us so that we could drive into San Francisco and have dinner with one my cousins and her husband. They were here for Ryans work for the weekend and we took the opportunity to go and have a good old time.

We drove down Lombard street, ate at a little whole in the wall Thai restaurant (It was amazing by the way) and then drove to Ghiradelli Square to have some ice cream. We even got stared at by a few crazy guys.

All in all it was a success. Our car wasn't towed when we parked it at a broken street meter. We made it through the city safely. And Shayla had a really good time. The nice part is that she didn't even cry when we left.

Oh and the most exciting part of the night was when the Giants won against the the Phillies so we're headed to the World Series!! This excitement is coming from a girl who has NEVER followed baseball. There is something exciting about it when it's happening 30 miles away from where you live.

October 22, 2010

For some reason I have one of those faces. I can't tell you the countless conversations I've had with people who think they know me from somewhere. Everyone thinks they know me, or that they grew up with my parents. Jon and I had a discussion about this the other day when I had a woman walk up to me in the grocery store. I was in the self checkout line with Shayla in her stroller. She came up and said, "Are you open?"

I was a little shocked but then kindly explained to her that this was self checkout. Jons response was that I just have one of those faces. That's not quite what I meant by I have one of those faces. I can't tell you then number of times I've been in a store and been mistaken for someone who works there. Do I just look very approachable? It used to make more sense to me when I would be there in a work uniform, but a lady pushing a stroller? Really? You think she's working here?

In Houston I had to stop going to Walmart alone because without fail I would be cornered by some person telling me a sob story and why I needed to give them money. Really I stopped going to walmart in Houston for a lot of reasons. All of these experiences have made me wonder though.

I've also made an October resolution and will be posting on our blog more regularly. Especially now that we live in the land of the liberals!