February 15, 2010

A Day of Love...

There have been many times when parents or other people who we love have looked at Jon and I and told us that we were made for each other. Usually I just give my husband a big kiss on the cheek and laugh in agreement. But sometimes I get struck with how we were prepared for each other. I had one of those moments last night as we celebrated Valentines day, Laudie Style.

For those of you who know Jon and his family well, you know that his little sister Amy was tragically taken from them at the age of 3. A car accident and a blink of an eye and she was gone. Her birthday is February 14.

I have never been one of those girls who has craved an over the top romantic Valentines day celebration. I always found it silly when I was single that some girls dress in black and mourn the day that can be known as "singles awareness day". For some reason I was never dating anyone on Valentines day. No matter how close a break up happened to Valentines day I never seemed to be mourning the loss of a romantic interest. Valentines day for me has always been a day to celebrate love, but not the kind that is traditionally celebrated on that day. I was always amazed at the number of friends and family that would remember me on that day and do something to let me know that I was important to them. I always found myself grateful to my Heavenly Father for the love that he showed me through friends and family and would try and return that love to those around me. My Valentines day was always busy and full of service for those I love.

This little sister in law of mine is dear to my heart. I haven't ever met her in the flesh but I have felt her presence many times as important things happened in mine and Jon's life, and she has impacted me and my life. I felt her presence the day Jon and I were married, I could feel how happy she was for us. The day my daughter was blessed I know she was there. I have heard from many who were in that circle that Shayla was about to cry, when suddenly she looked up at something beyond what anyone else could see and just smiled. I know that there were many loved ones there that day that many of us just couldn't see through the veil.

Our Valentines day celebration usually entails some small things that Jon and I do to tell each other we love each other, we go to dinner sometime in Valentine week, but that night is reserved for celebrating Amy's life. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jon and I went to his parents house last night and had lasagna, the traditional dinner, and spent time with some of those we love. Then we came home and read some of his Mothers stories and insights she has had since the time that Amy left this earth. We cried together as we read, "The Lasagna Miracle" and "The goat story". And ended the evening so grateful to our Heavenly Father for the care he takes of each one of us.

Amy's story has made it so that I don't take for granted that I will be able to hold my daughter in this life. That I will be able to watch her grow and hopefully have a family of her own. It makes me hold on to her a little tighter. Be a little more patient. Cherish each moment with her a little bit more. It also makes me want to be a better wife and love my wonderful husband a little bit more.

This post may be a little too personal for some, but it is what is in my heart. I'm grateful to a Heavenly Father who knew Jon and I so well that he could fit us so perfectly together.

February 4, 2010

Remind me...

Remind me when I'm coherent to tell you all the adventures of this week. Until then onto the next round of medication!