March 23, 2010

I've decided...

I've decided that it's hard to teach a teenager a life lesson that you already learned. Didn't you know, they already know.

I've decided that the cutest thing in the world is when Shayla and I are singing, "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee.." She bounces to the beat.

I've decided that being in a play is slightly overrated when you have to worry about babysitters and sleeping schedules all the time.

I've decided that I enjoy making things for people.

I've decided that service is so much more fun when people aren't expecting it.

I've decided that my neighbor downstairs is about as obnoxious as they come. I've been refraining from complaining on here.

I've decided that my husband probably brags about my cooking to much. Every few weeks I get a request to send this recipe or that recipe so his coworkers can have it.

I've decided that sometimes all I want to do is sit in a room all by myself and have it be silent. Just every once in awhile.

I've decided that I am the type of person who needs the sun. I accomplish so much more on sunny days.

I've decided that the worst cleaning job is the bathroom.

I've decided this stupid allergic reaction should go away already. 2 months later... are you serious.

I've decided that Shayla should start showing an interest in crawling. I can't believe all the developmental things you have to worry about with kids.

I've decided that my two favorite foods are chocolate and french fries. You really want to make me happy? Have those on hand.

And I've decided that life in general is good.

March 12, 2010


That's what I call him when he is being a pill... Or chasing after cows and making them jump into a lake and almost drown. (Dan and Lisa know what I'm talking about.) It seems like there are many instances in our married life that I give him a stern look and say, "Jonathan". You know it's serious when I bust out the full name, "Jonathan Dalton Laudie". He used to say he was giving me practice for when I became a Mom. So I now know what tone to say "Shayla Riis" in.

The latest opportunity he gave me to say it was on stage. I couldn't say it. This last Monday he did everything he could to see if he could make me break character on stage and laugh... he almost succeeded.

He started by pretending he didn't know his line. I batted my eyes at him and waited. Then he grabbed me in a bear hug and didn't let go. So I finally broke free and he almost fell of stage. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or accident but I had to take a few seconds to compose myself.

He got off stage and I told him that he was mean. We'll see if he tries it again. Life is never boring with Jonathan around.

March 10, 2010


I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing. We were playing with the mirror today (Her favorite friend is herself) and she made a face where I could see a little girl instead of my little infant. I can't believe how fast it changes.

This last Saturday she discovered her tongue... she is constantly just sticking it out as she plays, is held, is fed, etc. I guess she likes the way it feels, she'll feel it and then screech in happiness. It really is the cutest thing in the world.

I have found that I absolutely adore my baby. I didn't think that I could love a child this much. I'll have to post a picture of her sticking her tongue out. I've been trying to catch it with the camera but she is fascinated with the camera and the second I pull it out she stops doing whatever it was that I wanted to get a picture of.

The latest thing we have been working on is her standing up muscles. Not hard since her favorite thing since she was born is to stand. But Jon has this fear that while he is gone in Chicago,for training, in August that she will take her first steps.

I've promised to push her down until he gets back.

March 4, 2010


Well the time has come for performances of Scapino to start!

We will be performing Scapino at the Springville playhouse
(in the basement of the springville library)

Every weekend in March Friday, Saturday, Monday

House opens at 7:00 show starts at 7:30

You can check out to find a $1 off coupon

normal priced tickets are $8

March 1, 2010

My Doctor Adventures

Sorry that I haven't been very good at writing on this thing. I'm not sure how many of you know my little adventure that happened this last month... Well here goes.

On Saturday January 30th, Jon and I watched as many episodes of Lost as we could before we could no longer hold our eyes open. Then went to bed. I was EXHAUSTED. But unable to sleep. (It reminded me of pregnancy a little bit) At 1am I realized my elbow really itched so I reached up to feel it and there was a bump on my elbow. I started cursing the spider that had apparently bit me and rolled back over to fall asleep. A few minutes later my hands started to itch and hurt like they were swelling and on fire. I switched on our lamp and made Jon get out of bed so I could find the spider and find out if I needed to be rushed to the hospital. That's when I noticed that I had red bumps all over my legs and arms. I went into the bathroom and sure enough they were all over my face as well. I went out to the living room to google and see if this is a common reaction to a certain spider bite. An hour later I came to the conclusion that I was having my first ever allergic reaction.

I only had one problem... Jon and I aren't allergic to anything. I had no Benadryl in the house and it was 3 in the morning. I went back to bed to try and sleep and then figured I would send Jon to the store in the morning. No such luck. I couldn't sleep. I guess Shay couldn't either because she woke up at 4. I sent Jon back to bed and she and I made a late night run to Walmart. We were back by about 5:30 and I fed her a bottle and she went back to bed. I then took my first ever dose of Benadryl and told Jon what I needed him to do for my church responsibilities to be taken care of that day, and fell into a troubled sleep.

I continued to get worse throughout the day and my feet and hands were so swollen I felt like someone was grinding glass into them. It hurt to be alive on every inch of my body. I had hives from my scalp to my feet and everywhere in between.

We finally decided we should go to the Provo instacare since my hives were so aggressive and we were told it would be a two hour wait. I filled out the paper work and after talking to my Mom, who told me they would just give me Benadryl and send me home since I could still breath, I told them I decided I would just leave instead of waiting 2 hours to get more Benadryl. They rushed me back to see a nurse. Who promptly told me that the hives on my face were just zits... news to me. They gave me a shot of Benadryl and told me that would help and the Dr would be in to see me shortly. I had decided by this time that the reaction I was having, was to an antibiotic that I was taking, and had told this to the nurse multiple times. They said I should start feeling better soon but as I sat there my hands started to visibly swell and suddenly the palm of my hands were 10 times their normal size. Kind of a freaky thing to see. My Mom told me that I was the first person she had ever seen visibly swell like that, other than in the movies, until now she always thought they just made that up.

The Dr came in and told me I was being ridiculous. That the reaction was not to the antibiotic because it didn't come from the penicillin group and that I should take a cool bath and use a better lotion and I would feel better. He did add that if they weren't gone in 7 days I should go see my normal dr. Thanks for nothing, dimwit. This interaction made me wonder if he got his degree online. And I still had to pay for the visit!!

He sent me home. Yes he sent me home. I continued to get worse over the night and we went to the BYU student health center that next morning. They gave me a shot of Epinephrine, my hives got worse. At that point the Dr started pulling other doctors in and having them look and see what they thought. 2 hours later, I had 2 antihistamines, an oral steroid and a steroid injection and the shot of epinephrine going through my system and was told if I wasn't feeling relief in 3 hours I was to come back immediately. And to never, never, never take that antibiotic again.

I did start feeling relief at exactly 3 hours and for the next week and a half I was on oral steroids and 2 antihistamines, this was just taking the edge off my pain and itching. So I've been seeing an allergist. Who told me that the way I was treated at the instacare was "atrocious" and I'm getting better. I'm now only on 1 antihistamine that I only have to take once a day and he thinks I'll be 100% better sometime in the next few weeks.

All this for me to say, just don't have an allergic reaction... Luckily I have a wonderful husband who took a week off of work to try and get this figured out. I don't know what I would do without him.