May 31, 2010

Shayla has recently mastered the art of waving.

She waves to everyone who walks in the room, she waves at everyone who walks out of the room.
She waves to her toys, and the pictures on the wall.
She waves at the tv.
She waves at cars and trains and animals and trees and plants.
Sometimes I'm not sure what she is waving at. I love that this cute little part of her personality has started to come out.

She also has started to learn the art of dancing. (Yes it is pretty obvious she's my daughter, why do you ask?) Every time music starts she starts bouncing to the beat. My favorite was when she did this while she was sitting on me watching super why.
She also does a little hip thrust wiggle when she's excited... I always wonder what people think when they see it....
Jon and I just laugh. I love that girl, sometimes I'm still overwhelmed with how much I love that little girl. That is my little update on her.

May 4, 2010

Well among the craziness of last week we also moved in with my parents for the next few months to save on a rent before making the big move to California. Shay was a little skeptical about the whole thing at first but once she realized that Mom and Dad were staying she decided to milk it for all it's worth. My parents are eating up the extra time with their granddaughter and Shayla is loving all the extra attention. She is convinced that she is the center of everyone's universe. She is a riot.  She likes to play a game where she passes from one person to the next. Then she lays her head on their shoulder for about a second and then reaches for the next person. She is too smart for her own good.

I took her to the doctor last week and he said that she was advanced for her age. Verbally and Motor skills. She's a smartie pants. He was checking some of her reflexes and she was crying like the world was ending, so he gave her back to me when he was done and she laid her head on my shoulder crying, then looked at him and glared like he was the worst person in the world. As he left she perked right back up and he said, "You have a little manipulator on your hands." Yes, yes I do.

It was also our two year anniversary on Sunday. Yay for us! We left Shayla with my parents Saturday afternoon and had a nice date. It was really nice being a couple again rather than parents. We sure love being parents but you need to have time to just enjoy each other.

We are still attending our ward in Spanish Fork since I'm still in the YW Presidency. I guess the Bishop was informed that if he released me there would be a revolt on his hands. Jon is a little opposed to the idea because we both think you should attend where you live, but he was really opposed this sunday because if we had gone to my parents ward then he could have watched the Jazz game. Good thing they lost or I might really have been in trouble! Normally I wouldn't stay going to a ward I didn't live in the boundaries of but since it will only be for a few months I'm pretty indifferent about it. Every time we start planning an activity for after I leave it makes me a little sad though.