May 20, 2011

Famous Last Words

Recently I have become really interested in the show "Criminal Minds". I've always been a sucker for a good crime drama, but have never liked watching any blood and gore. I usually get up and do something during that part and then come back for all of the psychological stuff I find so interesting. The nice thing about Criminal Minds is that you don't actually see the blood and gore. They just elude to it. And it REALLY focuses on all of the psychological mumbo jumbo I love, so basically I may be a little addicted. It doesn't help that it is almost ALWAYS on one channel or another. I tend to try and do something in the evenings and I usually have the TV on in the background for company. (Why, yes, Jon is still working ridiculous hours. Why do you ask?)

Anyway Jon got home around 11 last night as I was finishing up my umpteenth (Not really) episode for the day and I looked at him and said. "I think this show is going to make me paranoid."

Fast Forward to today. I was at the grocery store by myself (Thank you Carrie for watching S) and getting some meat from the deli. After the clerk was done weighing my order and whatnot he said, "Have a safe day".

Now this may  not have struck any of you as odd but it freaked me out that he said that instead of have a good day, or a fun weekend or what not. But I kid you not I spent the rest of the time looking over my shoulder, imagining the whole time that he was a serial killer.

I think I'm paranoid. Looks like I won't be watching Criminal Minds for awhile...

May 10, 2011

Breathing Deep

We went back to the playground today. I found myself feeling anxious as we approached. (We walked this time, adventurous, I know.)
Shayla cheered.

I thought maybe we would take it slow. Play on the swings and the sand.
Shayla headed straight for the toy that almost made her my toothless wonder.

I held my breath with each step she took, and tried not to let her see how scared I was.
She played and laughed, and insisted we slide down together.

She wanted to climb up and down by herself, and I let her.
That's what we do as parents. We let our children fall, and get back up. We cry with them when they are hurt, We laugh with them when they are happy. But most of all we love them.

It has been so inspirational to see how Shayla has handled this little trial of hers. She has been so cheerful, and lovie. She has been so brave. Did I tell you that while we were at the park after she fell she was picking flowers for me while I was on the phone with Bishop Keller? Melt my heart.

When I would be whining about pain, she is happy. When I would be worried about my tooth turning grey, she couldn't care less. When I would want to stay home and have a pity party for myself, she is back at the park and having a good time.

Children are amazing.

May 6, 2011

What Could Have Been...

Sometimes when I think about what could have been I feel so grateful for a Heavenly Father who watches over me. It makes me count my blessings.

Most of you know I spend most afternoons at the park with Shayla and at least one of her friends. Today I got a text from my friend Carrie wanting to know if we wanted to meet up at the park down the street from our house. It was perfect timing and she was almost there so I loaded Shay up in the car and we headed to the park. We had spent quite a bit of time there. Shayla was playing on the toddler toy, one she plays on 5 days a week. This next part happened in slow motion for me.

I saw Shayla walking dangerously close to the edge of a small stair. I was sitting on a stair not too far away from her watching her play. Close, but not close enough. I kept thinking, "She'll look where she is going." As she neared the edge I called out her name just as she fell off. Her head hit the plastic bridge and as she was picking herself up and I was running to her, I saw her tooth lying on the toy. 

I screamed. Scooped up Shayla and the tooth and called out to my friend that Shayla had just knocked out her front tooth. I was in shock. They don't cover this in Mommy 101.

Carrie ran over and put Shayla's tooth back in. Checked her for any signs of other injuries and then tried to figure out what we needed to do to take care of this little girl who has become like a daughter to her.

I called Jon so that he could look up a dentist or someone who could look at her mouth. After I hung up with him I realized our Bishop is a Dentist, so I called back and told him to call Bishop Keller.

Bishop Keller wanted to talk to me about the injury and assess what needed to be done. After he talked to me he said Carrie had done exactly what she should have done and told me some things I needed to do to care for the tooth for the next little bit.

Shayla was fine once she got home and had some pain medicine in her system. It left me so grateful for what didn't happen.

We could have walked to the park like we did 100 times before.
I was there with a pediatrician who knew exactly what to do. (Kind of convenient that one of my bestfriends out here is a pediatrician, wouldn't you say)
Shayla could have been injured so much more seriously.
We had Bishop Keller to call for advice on a Friday afternoon at 5pm. I am so grateful for that little bit of inspiration I was able to have in my moment of panic. Our Father in Heaven was watching over us. I was so frazzled and in shock. I was just standing there trying to figure out what to do. But I had that one moment of clarity.
The worst that could happen at this point is that the tooth doesn't take and she is my toothless wonder for a while.
We could have had a trip to the ER. Instead I was able to take care of her at home.
I'm so grateful for Jon. He dropped everything to come and rescue his hysterical wife and daughter.

One thing that really struck me was when Carrie suggested I have Jon give her a blessing. This may not strike any of you as odd but Carrie is Catholic. We had offered a blessing to her daughter one night when Carrie was really worried about an illness. I guess this stuck with her. I would have eventually calmed down and asked Jon to give Shayla a blessing, but it was one of those moments when you realize that anyone can receive inspiration.

I don't know what we will do when Carrie and Jason move away. Their presence will be greatly missed. Shayla thinks of her as another Mom. She and Lola are convinced they are sisters. Just separated in the womb I always say. Their move keeps coming closer and closer. It will be a sad day in the Laudie home when they leave.

Right now I'm just grateful Carrie was there. I don't know what I would have done without her. I can't even comprehend it. Tonight I'm just grateful.