February 5, 2012

Through Shay's Eyes

We had about an hour to kill one afternoon and so Shay and I decided to take her babies on a walk. I documented this walk through photos.

First she instructed me on what was going to happen, and where we were going. It was serious business.

Suddenly she noticed that the Santa wreath that had been hanging on the gate at Christmas was no longer there. We made sure to say goodbye to Santa. He had only been gone for a month...

Not quite time to leave yet. First we need to stop to give naked baby her snacks.

And she's off! Catch her if you can!

Up the stairs! "No, Mom, by myself! I do it!"

Stopping for secrets and giggles...

A park! We found a park!! Wahoo!!(Well actually we came here a year and a half ago and it was to big for her, but now it's the perfect size)

Riding with baby...

Kissing baby better after she fell off the bench

Your turn to go down the slide Mom!

I love watching things through her eyes, and see her take the world in. When I pause to watch her I'm always amazed at what a bright, wonderful little girl I have. I love days like this.

February 1, 2012

Quote of Forever

The other day Shayla looked at me, wrapped her chubby little arms around my neck, and said, "Best friend Mommy".

I decided I should document this for when she becomes a teenager and decides to hate me. At one time we were best friends.