September 5, 2012

Tikal... This is it folks.

Oh Tikal. We had a fabulous time there. We had to wake up around 4 am to make our flight to these beautiful ruins.
Breathtaking, eh? Don't worry this is one of the worst pictures. The night before we were talking to Jon's Mom and she found out I had been stung by a scorpion. She told me to wear 2 pairs of garments for extra protection. I chose to wear none. Judge not, lest you be judged people.
This is the plane we flew out there in. Propellers, people. Propellers.
 Oh and don't forget not to feed the crocodiles while you are there.
Doesn't it seem like my life was in imminent danger a lot while we were there? It probably was. But we made it back safe and sound for all of you to read about.

There isn't a whole lot to tell about the day. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I think we hiked 3 of the temples and we basically walked around for 6 hours.

 How do like this panoramic view? We were (for the millionth time that trip) quite literally in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was an hour away.

 A lot of the ruins haven't been uncovered. There were so many times you would be walking around and realize you were walking on ruins that were still covered. Or that the grassy hill wasn't actually a hill. It was a Mayan structure of some sort.

We had a really knowledgeable guide. I wish I could say I remember anything he told us. I really don't.

I think Jon has been waiting for 3 months for me to post this picture.
Why yes. That is a tarantula in his hands. No I didn't hold it. But I was really brave and took a good picture of it.

Don't we look so outdoorsy? And quite disheveled by this point of the day? 
 There he is folks! Flying through the jungle! The pictures of me have been purposely omitted out of vanity. Just take my word for it. I did it. It scared me half to death at first but I was actually a little better at it than Jon. (Don't tell him I told you) There was a time when I was adventurous. While we were there, whenever we would meet people they were always surprised at two things. 1. that we were so young and married (and had been married for 4 years) and 2. That we had a 3 year old at home. We look young. What can I say. Did I mention I'll be pushing 30 this year? Yikes!

We had a fun 9 day getaway and it was a great thing for our marriage. We have a happy marriage, but there were so many times when I just looked at Jon and thought, "Oh yeah, this is why I fell in love with this guy." I highly recommend going. Scorpion sting, and all. At this point it seems like it happened a lifetime ago. What  a beautiful little slice of paradise.

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  1. What beautiful pictures Carrie! It looks like a really wonderful trip; a great experience!